How to start a fugitive recovery business in Colorado

Written by: Sean Hakes

Starting a successful Fugitive Recovery / Bail Enforcement business in Colorado takes a small about of cash and a large amount of dedication.

First – you must enroll in a P.O.S.T (Peace Officer  Standard Training) approved training course…! Give Tom Remy a call from Tom & Gloria Bail Bonds at 303-456-0949 – he  offers affordable Bail Recovery and Bail Bonds courses in Arvada, CO.

The course generally is 2 – 4 days long depending on what you sign up for and goes over Colorado laws enacted to both help protect bail enforcement agents as well as the defendants…

Once you pass the class Tom will give you a certificate of completion. After the course is done you will need to head to your local Sheriff’s office and get a set of fingerprints and bring them to the C.B.I (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) just north of 6th Ave on Kipling. The background check takes about a week – once you get your background check back in the mail you are in business to start connecting with Bail Bondsmen and start  your Fugitive Recovery career.

Last, register your business with the  Colorado Secretary of State, you can do this by clicking here. For a minimal $50.00 fee you can register your business with the state and start accepting checks under  your business name.

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