Who is hotter? Duane Lee or Leland – Official Poll

Who is hotter? Duane Lee or Leland – Official Poll

Written by: Chuck-O

Hello Dog the Bounty Hunter Fan Website followers!

Ok, ok the Facebook battle for who the hotter Bounty Hunter boy is (Duane Lee or Leland) is getting out of hand so the crew at Dog Bounty Hunter.net decided it was time to post an official pole and let Dog the Bounty Hunter fans decide – so here you go – look to your right! It’s time to vote for who the hottest Dog the Bounty Hunter son is – Duane Lee or Leland, go get em!


Here is what  Dog the Bounty Hunter Fans have to SAY:

From: Wendy – Winter Haven, Florida

Leland is the hottest! :) he has that bad boy image with, what seems to be, a very sweet personality. I love them all, but Leland definitly keeps me tuning in. :) I wish they would show more of his “other” side like they did in the first seasons. They showed him boxing and a little of his family life. I have read tons of information on the internet and he seems to be an awesome guy. His body rocks too! :)

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