How many children does dog the bounty hunter have

How many children does dog the bounty hunter have

How many children does dog the bounty hunter have?
Duane Chapman’s Biological Children
Dog the Bounty Hunter has 11 Kids…

Christopher Michael Hecht
His eldest son, Christopher Michael Hecht, was born in 1969.

Duane Lee Chapman
Duane Lee was born January 21, 1973 and was a financial and retirement counselor before going back to his first job, bounty hunting. He lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, until moving to O‘ahu, Hawaii to work with his father and brother. His wife and four children: Jodi, Jasmine, Jennifer and Dylan, still live in Colorado, but will be following Duane Lee to Hawaii soon.

Leland Chapman
Leland was born December 14, 1976 in Groom, Texas. He also works with his father and trains in mixed martial arts. He has two sons: Dakota, born March 24, 1995, and Cobie, born December 7, 2000. He is divorced from their mother, Maui.

Zebediah Duane Chapman
Zebediah Duane Chapman, born prematurely on January 1, 1980 in University, Colorado and died just a month later on January 31, 1980 at his home.

Wesley Chapman
His next son, Wesley Chapman, was born November 14, 1980 and has one daughter born in 2005 with his ex-wife Gwen.

J.R. Chapman
Their 3rd son, J.R., was born March 2, 1982. Duane recalls in his book speaking to J.R. on the phone and JR saying, “I was born with a mental condition”, and Duane replied, “So was I, son.” Duane says he would like to meet J.R. someday. Their maternal grandmother raised both Wesley and J.R.

Barbara Katie Chapman
They had three children, First born, Barbara-Katie Chapman, born on June 8, 1982 in Denver Colorado.

The day before Duane’s wedding to Beth Smith. Barbara died at age 23 in Fairbanks, Alaska on May 19, 2006, during a high-speed car accident involving drugs. In an episode of Dog, The Bounty Hunter, Duane and his team mourn the death of Barbara. Barbara was survived by her son, Travis Drake-Lee Mimms, born 2002. Travis lives with Dog and his wife Beth.

Tucker Dee Chapman
Tucker Dee Chapman, born September 8, 1984, was serving a 20-year prison term on a drug charge in 2002 and was released spring 2006; he now lives in Hawaii.[citation needed]

“Baby” Lyssa Chapman
“Baby” Lyssa Chapman, born June 10, 1987, currently works as a bounty hunter with her dad, step-mom and half-brothers.

Bonnie Jo and Garry Chapman
Beth and Dog, have two children together, Bonnie Jo Chapman and Garry Chapman

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