If we translate that to the spread of COVID 19

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uk canada goose On the 21st day, however, the daily instalment was $1.05 million, and on day 26, $33.4 million.The final instalment, on the 31st day, was $1.07 billion bringing his total inheritance to $2.15 billion.That is how numbers compound: the last figure is always higher than the sum of all the previous doubles.If we translate that to the spread of COVID 19, we can take the current Australian figure of around 4000 people known to be infected, and apply our most conservative estimate of natural increase, 10% a day at this rate the numbers will double every eight days. So, in two months at the end of May the number of people infected will have grown to 1.02 million, and in two more months the end of July our entire population of 26 million Australians will have been infected. These numbers are frightening, but the maths doesn’t lie.It’s even more scary in America. uk canada goose

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